A detailed follow up for the behavior of your apps


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GlassWire is an app that lets you screen the behavior of the apps installed in your smartphone. Doing this will help you find out if they are reducing your connection’s speed or using more data than they should.

From GlassWire’s main page you can see a graph that describes the Internet consumption off all the apps in your smartphone. On the upper left corner you can change the timespan shown in the graph: from 5 minutes up to 90 days. Also, clicking on a specific app will show you its graph.

Another great feature of GlassWire is that all the information stays in your Android. In the app you can check that the information will never be sent anywhere, unlike most of the other apps in your smartphone.

GlassWire is an excellent tool to monitor your apps that offers you really useful features and an elegant and appealing interface.
Keep close track of your Android apps' data use

These days lots of people have dozens of apps installed on their Androids. Whether it's to test out a new update or pick a favorite app among several options, what's clear is that we often end up with unused apps floating around on our smartphones and tablets. Keeping track of your apps' data consumption is important not just to so you can keep the number of apps you have under control, but also manage what the apps you use every day are doing. And though the default data manager on Android is certainly not bad, lots of times you need highly detailed info, which GlassWire does a splendid job of providing.
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Android 4.4 or greater is required

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